The Activities

The Activities


We make it a rule to produce exhibitions under various themes to familiarize the visitors with modern and contemporary works of art. Artists whose works have hitherto been little-known are also exhibited. Various expressions and beautiful designs of everyday life are also introduced from a new aspect and our collections are studied and exhibited according to given themes.

DOMA AKIOKA Yoshio,2011

OKADA Kenzo&Modern residents of the Meguro,2014

The Prolific World of TOGO Murano,2015

Beginnings of Japanese Pastel Drawings,2017


We are engaged in many kinds of activities to make the museum more accessible to more people. Lectures joined with exhibitions, music concerts, open creation scenes, and workshops are constantly planned.

Workshop Activities

We carry out programs respectively planned for people of various ages. The programs we have provided visitors with chances to be saturated with activities of artistic expressions. We have our original teaching materials titled “DRAWERS : The Museum Inside” which we often make use of in our variegated plans.

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