Privacy Policy

The idea for the personal information (Privacypolicy)

Privacy Policy

In order to establish the following basic policies, to manage the personal information of all the Foundation held, and all levels of staff understanding the present purpose, the Foundation will comply.

1.Definition of personal information

the Foundation is defined as personal information, all the information that can identify an individual.

2.Personal information management system

for the management of personal information, and appointed a personal information management supervisor, you prepare the organization needed to manage. Further, by the appointed separately who is responsible for internal audit and consultation, to maintain the transparency of management.

3.For deletion, correction, and range of use and the purpose of collection of personal information

If you want to collect personal information, notify in advance the purpose of collection, consultation services and usage, we will collect personal information only in the required range. In addition, it is used only within the range consent at the time of collection, will not be used for purposes outside when its use. In addition, when the viewer or, (change of address, etc.) is desired that your personal information be removed, Fixed personal information that has been provided from everyone of viewers, the Foundation will update if the personal information of the viewer changes, or I will delete it. If this is the case, the form of opinions and inquiries please contact us.

4.For the collection of personal information by business contract

is when you entrusted with the information processing business that the Foundation is accompanied by the provision of personal information, responsibilities matters Confidentiality of personal information, related to re-commission, at the time of the accident, individuals of the contract at the end The determined for eliminations and return of information, you can follow it.

5.Disclosure of personal information

personal information you provide, except in cases where there are legitimate reasons for such set of laws and regulations and if we receive consent from viewers person in question, will not provide to the third party. Also, before you entrust the processing business of personal information to a third party, so you do not want to re-provision or disclosure of personal information, it is required by contract, perform under the strict management. If you had you use the form or e-mail to the facility and the Foundation, you may want depending on its contents, to be transferred to the relevant departments of the affiliated organizations, such as by the contents and answer.

6.About user information which does not include personal data

This site uses Google Analytics for website management and to survey site usage. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect data. These automatically collect data such as the Internet domain name, IP address and your browsing environment when viewing the site. This data is used only for statistical analysis in order to create a site which is better suited to user needs. Personal data is not collected for this data collection and analysis. The data collected through the use of Google Analytics is managed in line with Google’s privacy policy. Please see the website below for Google Analytics’ terms of use and privacy policy. Please note that the Museum shall not be responsible for any damages incurred through the use of Google Analytics’ services.

7.For security measures

for personal information you have entrusted to us than everyone of the viewer, as well as to implement strict security measures in order to protect from various threats, continuously reviews the system, unauthorized access, the Foundation is, of information I will continue to prevent the loss, misuse, destruction, leakage, modifications. On the other hand, through educational activities to the staff, we are committed to protecting the privacy of the viewer in terms a human.

8.For continuous improvement of personal information management system and compliance

and will comply with applicable laws and regulations with respect to personal information held, norms, review appropriate initiatives in the above paragraphs, we will continue to improve. However, if there is a legitimate request from the agency that has the authority pursuant court, police, in these consumer or center, will disclose information in response to this.

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