Floor map

Floor Map


Main building Entrance

The Citizens Gallery Entrance

Main building

Making good use of glass walls enables the workshop room to have free space in order to function as a place of versatile activities. Panel boards can be used as auxiliary exhibition space and a "Multi-Use Box" and stairs leading to the second floor enable us to produce various kinds of exhibitions.


The exhibition area consists of three rooms of different sizes and exhibition lobby. Each room has a different type of floor: wooden, carpeted, and flagstone. Exhibition room A lets in natural light and is also equipped with a lighting system which changes the quality and the quantity of light according to the exhibits. Rooms B and C are provided with a original wiresystem to make the exhibitions more visually effective. Together with independent exhibition walls, we can now enjoy a large and varied space of exhibition.

Exhibition Room A

Exhibition Room B

Exhibition Room C

Exhibition Lobby


The Citizens Gallery

The Citizens Gallery Entrance

Exhibition Room

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